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Legrand Wolf Fucks Twink Ian Levine Against a Tree in Scout Boys Release

by Tony Bullock

My time in the Scouts has certainly been an eye-opening experience! 

I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Scoutmaster Wolf. He’s so tall, handsome and masculineHe came up to me yesterday to talk about my first aid badge and asked if I’d be up for learning a few new skills… And with that we were walking out into the forest.  We stopped under a tree and he showed me how to create a make-shift splint out of pieces of wood.

At one point, he stood behind me. I could feel his dick pressing into my back, and it was hard, so I put my hand behind my back and gave it a squeeze!

Then he turned me around and suddenly we were kissing! It was electrifying. I wanted him so much. 

It got real steamy, real fast. He pushed me against a tree, pulled my shorts down and started feeling my ass. I knelt down and pulled his enormous dick out of his underpants but I couldn’t seem to get enough of it into my mouth. 

He suddenly stood me up, turned me around and pushed me against the tree. Seconds later, I felt a bolt of intense pain as he pushed himself into me. I literally thought I was going to split in two. It was terrifying and yet I didn’t want it to stop.

I must have started to relax because suddenly his dick stopped hurting and started feeling great – and I just wanted more and more of it. 

His last few strokes were really hard and intense, then his juices just burst into me. I could feel his dick expanding and contracting. It went so deep. And there was so much of it.

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