Who Needs Geometry When You Can Learn How to Take Your Stepdad’s Raw Dick?


How quickly one’s attitude changes! Stepdaddy Eric is adamant that Gregor get up and go to school—or as adamant as a porn model with limited dramatic range can sound—until he spies his beloved boy still asleep, with morning wood.

Now, one could ask why this teen is sleeping like he’s in a coma (on top of the sheets? In this climate?) or even why his bedroom feels like the youngest child’s bedroom in a model room in the bad part of town. But all of that is moot because Eric realizes what we all know: School isn’t for Gregor. This is a boy who’s going to make a lot of money on fan platforms, so he might as well get a thorough lesson. Who needs math, anyway? That’s what Alexa is for. Better that he learn how to ride a fat daddy dick bareback than memorize what FOIL stands for.

(Though a drama class or two never hurt any potential performers!)

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