What Do You Think Malik and Thomas Were Watching That Resulted in Them Having Sex?

I bet it was the overly CGI'd, endlessly repetitive finale to WandaVision, which felt like treading water for 40 minutes rather than wrapping anything up in a satisfying way. Don't at me about this.

Even in the era of peak TV, sometimes you start watching a dud. And in that case, your best bet for the night’s entertainment is a horny buddy on the couch with you.

Malik pulls off his pants, showing off his thick, raging hard-on to his buddy. Simply from the sight of the throbbing cock, Thomas can’t resist taking it in his mouth. Thomas loves how it feels on his tongue, tasting it as it makes its way to the back of his throat. The hung man’s nuts hang large beneath his massive member, giving Thomas something to hold on to as he salivates over each girthy inch.

Malik gives his cocksucker only a moment to worship him before his dominant streak comes out, holding the scruffy man’s hands behind his back and fucking his throat deep and hard. Thomas is a proper submissive, happy to have his throat assaulted by the handsome top, knowing that his reward will be an intense, rough fuck up his ass.

Before he knows it, Thomas is whimpering as Malik penetrates his tight hole, giving the muscle daddy free reign to invade his insides. Thomas can’t do much more than stroke his cock, feeling his prostate get devastated from the intense pounding his top demands.

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