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Wearing a Bow Tie and Jockstrap, Austin Young Gets Stretched by a Thick Daddy Dick

by Tony Bullock

When Master Robles got his slave, Austin, alone that first time, he wasted no time getting himself inside the boy’s ass. Robles had Austin take off the older man’s clothes and presented his hole while Robles lubed up his manhood for penetration. No foreplay, no talking, no need to warm Austin up or even wait for him to say when. Robles just bent him over all on fours, slid himself into Austin’ ass, and began barebacking him like he was just a toy.

In many ways, that’s exactly what Austin is. He’s an object owned by Master Robles, something to play with, to use and entertain himself. Even when the older man was grinding into Austin’s guts, feeling those insides buckle and struggle to take him, Master Robles knew he didn’t have to stop or slow down. That’s not what he paid for. That’s not what Austin’s for. Austin’s for him to use as he sees fit.

Even when Robles decided to lie on his back and let Austin ride him, the scruffy master was still in charge. It was still all for his pleasure. And Austin did not slow down the pace. He fucked himself just as hard on Robles’ tool as his master did with him on all fours. Master Robles couldn’t help but smile. Such a good boy.

It didn’t take long before Robles felt his balls tensing up. He was getting close to blowing, but he wanted to hold out a little bit longer. He was pleased and ready to blow, but Robles wanted Austin to take it a little bit more. This was his first time taking Austin as his owner… as his master. He wanted Austin to remember just how it feels to be filled by him. To be dominated. To be his.

Austin’s hole was so tight on Master Robles’ shaft, it practically milked the load right out of him. Robles clenched and felt the jets of searing hot, white jizz flood Austin’s hole. As Austin caught his breath, sensing his master’s climax, the boy slowed down, feeling the slick wetness of the older man’s load coating his member. Robles got what he wanted. He always does.

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