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Uncut Euro Studs Get Naked for an Afternoon of Sleazy, Cum-Drenched Fun

by Tony Bullock

Greg Centuri is a tall, dark, handsome Frenchman in his early 30s. He’s invited his friend Picwik over to his apartment for an afternoon of intense, sleazy pleasure! Picwik is the same age as Greg, with slightly fairer hair, a tattoo-covered body and a very excited glint in his eye!

The two men settle on Greg’s bed and immediately start kissing passionately. Moments later, the two are naked and Picwik is sucking Greg’s immensely impressive, upward-curving shaft.

Picwik delivers an intense blow job, almost worshiping Greg’s meat with his mouth. Greg gasps, pants and pushes his gag-stick deep into Picwik’s throat.

Picwik is soon squatting on his knees with his muscular ass hungrily pointing towards Greg, who slowly pushes himself inside.

Greg’s a pro when it comes to banging. He knows all the moves, effortlessly varying the pace and intensity, turning the dial up to intense as he explores every inch of Picwik’s colon.

Greg turns Picwik onto his back, and continues to pound him. The bed groans and moves backwards and forwards in rhythm with Greg’s deep strokes.

Picwik jerks himself, getting harder and closer to cumming the more violently he’s hammered. It’s suddenly all too much for him: giant jets of semen start to squirt out, flying up his chest and into his face.

Greg pulls out, and after a few, hard tugs, sprays his giant load all over Picwik, who ends the session entirely coated in spunk.

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