Tired of Twinks? Grab Your Dick for These Tattooed Muscle Daddies

If you're ready to watch men grunt and fuck, we've got the new release you've been craving.

Look, sometimes you want to watch a guy fucking who doesn’t look like you could twirl him over your head like one of Suzanne Sugarbaker’s fire batons.

Welcome to Manalized’s Raw Inked Hungking, and Jon Shield and Hugh Hunter.

Kissing between these two doesn’t last long before Jon is sucking Hugh’s cock. And that doesn’t last long before Hugh is fucking Jon’s face. Because they don’t look as if they might snap in half, both know the other can take it, and their encounter escalates from there. Hugh soon bends over for Jon to bareback his hole before they both cum with grunts and groans and plenty of sweat.


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