These Fun-Sized Boys Get Exactly What They’re Craving From the 2 Dominant Doctors Examining Them

After being fondled together, the trio of smaller men are eager to get dominated and bred by the bigger, older men.

The initial cleansing and screening was uncomfortable and humiliating, but also incredibly exciting. Standing side by side while being stripped and probed, the boys found themselves uniquely aroused and comforted by one another’s presence. It gave them courage to continue, as well as the extra thrill of being fondled together.

When it came time for the older men to breed them, they were united in their excitement. The young men always fantasized about being dominated and fucked by giant, handsome, hung men. And here in the midst of a pandemic, they were seeing those fantasies realized.

Mark lay on his back while Agent Dolf played with his hole, looking over to see his friend Austin in a similar position. Austin could see Mark also laid out with his legs open, put into a receptive spread by their masculine, dominant tops.

One by one, they were each penetrated and filled with the throbbing cocks of the agents, feeling their hearts race with a sense of powerlessness and hunger.

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