Sketchy Sex Just as Sketch, Now With More Adult Acne

Perhaps most viewers will relish the filthy cum slut piggies competing for loads and be able to ignore the rough skin of the participants. I wish I could be that viewer.

Sketchy Sex has always been one of those sites best described as, “The sort of thing you’ll like if you like that sort of thing.”

I personally find it hard to maintain an erection when confronted with that much acne, but the concept is definitely hot as fuck, even if the site feels like it’s running out of steam. Maybe if they used the same filter Moonlighting filmed Cybil Shepherd in, things could be more manageable for me and my dick? We’ll muddle through, I’m sure.

But if you don’t mind a little pizza face, the newest release finds—well, you know what? If you know Sketchy Sex, I think you have a pretty good idea of what this new one has in store for you. There’s comfort in familiarity, isn’t there? Here’s a taste of what’s in store below.

At least one thing is very apparent: Cum clearly doesn’t clear up your skin.

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