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Sexy, Spectacled Jeremy George Barebacks Troye Jacobs

by Tony Bullock

Jeremy George is a seriously sexy, bespectacled guy with dark features and beautiful brown skin. He stands in a hotel room, arms and lips locked sensuously around cute, smooth twink Troye Jacobs. Both men are seriously into each other and desperate for sex. Troye’s rock hard, excited dick pokes out of the top of his trunks. 

Jeremy sits down on the bed, and throws his head back in intense pleasure as Troye squats between his legs, seductively taking Jeremy’s giant cut dick deep into his throat. Jeremy smiles like the cat that got the cream. 

Before long, Troye is lying on his stomach, his firm, peachy ass angled upwards, ready for action. Jeremy parts Troye’s muscular cheeks and gets his hungry tongue deep into the moaning Twink’s tight hole. 

Troye gets on all fours and gasps in ecstasy as Jeremy slides his wet, thick cock deep into him. Troye gently rocks backwards and forwards, controlling the pace and intensity of Jeremy’s strokes.  Moments later, Jeremy is lying flat on the bed with Troye bouncing on his meat, legs spread like a true slut, gagging to be used. The chemistry is off the charts. 

Troye gets on his back at the end of the bed. Jeremy stands between his legs and gives it to him with both barrels. He skewers harder and harder, looking down, almost arrogantly, at his convulsing, horned-up prey. 

The yells and groans reach fever pitch. Jeremy is helpless to do anything but blow and he does so deep into Troye’s guts. He pulls out and allows his semen to slowly drip out of the twink’s hole. 

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