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Sexy Blond Raw Fucked in Hotel by Tattooed Skater Boy

by Tony Bullock

Two horned-up, sexy guys hook up in a hotel in Atlanta. Spencer Daley is a blond, stocky, handsome young man. His partner today is Scott Bisset, a cute, skinny skater dude with tousled hair and cool tattoos. 

The men kneel on the bed, kissing passionately in just their underwear. Within minutes, Scott is hungrily sucking Spencer’s beautiful, rock-hard, upward-curving dick. The experience is intense. The blond man moans appreciatively as he’s orally serviced to perfection. 

Spencer decides to return the gesture and pushes Scott onto the bed, before wrapping his lips around the skater dude’s throbbing meat. Spencer is plainly a master sucker. Scott gasps and giggles. He can’t quite believe what he’s experiencing. Spencer is repeatedly pressing his buttons and he’s humming in erotic pleasure. 

It’s fuck o’clock. Spencer squats on the bed as Scott ploughs him from behind with deep, full, powerful, raw thrusts. Scott grits his teeth and pushes the intensity level up another notch. 

Spencer is soon on his back. Scott wants to see the look on the sexy blond’s face as he slams his tool into him. This is turning into the ride of his life. His body tingles with lust as he bangs even deeper, faster and harder. 

The look on Scott’s face suggests the end is near. Spencer starts to jerk himself as Scott’s thrusting becomes erratic. The two men lock eyes. They’re right on the edge, but Spencer’s the first to blow, spraying pearls of lust onto his stomach and chest as Scott’s dick rams against his prostate. A helpless Scott shoots almost simultaneously—deep into Spencer’s guts. 

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