New Patient Oliver James Gets the Full Treatment From Insatiable Dr. Wolf

Other smaller boys have mentioned the good doctor's name to Oliver, so he knows what to expect—but even so, he's shocked at Dr. Wolf's size... everything is even bigger than he'd imagined!

Oliver is a new patient, and he’s nervous about exposing every inch of himself to the doctor his friends have suggested. But when Dr. Wolf walks into the room, Oliver is stunned speechless by his attractiveness.

During his physical, Oliver gets a boner. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I didn’t mean to get hard,” but Oliver’s wandering hand is inspecting the bulge in Dr. Wolf’s pants.

“Is that why you came in?” Dr. Wolf chides gently, pulling Oliver to his feet and looking deep into his eyes.

“Can I see yours?” Oliver says, and soon, the tightly wrapped pouch of Dr. Wolf’s packed briefs dwarfs Oliver’s little hands. He can barely hold it to all to squeeze it with both hands and he pulls the older man’s cock out to stroke it. Cradling Oliver’s entire body in one strong arm, Dr. Wolf lays the boy on the table carefully. “Are you ready for it?” he asks. “Please.” Oliver says.

“I like seeing it sink into your tight pink hole,” Dr. Wolf says as he leans down to kiss the boy. It doesn’t take long before the boy is whining softly, “I’m gonna cum,” before shooting a huge load of cum over his belly and Dr. Wolf’s hand. The doctor groans loudly as he lets his own load loose deep inside Oliver’s hole.

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