Maxx Lucks Out and Finds Grandpa Felix Kamp in a Holly Jolly Mood

And yes, this horny grandson gets his stocking stuffed under the tree.

“Have you been naughty or nice this year?” Grandad Felix asks. Maxx finds himself confessing about feeling funny after an encounter with a boy from school. “Did he touch you like this?” Grandpa asks, one large, manly hand caressing the inside of Maxx’s thigh.


Before he knows it, Maxx has stripped naked in the older man’s arms. The lean boy moans loudly as his grandad fingers the young boy’s tight, virgin ass hole and leans down to suck Maxx’s big cock.

The moans become whines as Grandad covers Maxx’s mouth with one hand and finger fucks his hole with the other. Maxx gets both hands on the shaft of his big cock, and Grandad gives him encouragement with a sound of approval.

With two of Grandad’s thick, meaty fingers deep in his hole, Maxx launches a massive load of young cum all over the room. Grandad wipes some of the spunk off his grandson’s stomach and licks his fingers clean before cleaning the head of Maxx’s cock with his mouth.

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