Mail Sack: Little Brother’s Nightmare Turns Into a Dream Come True

Turns out that a bad dream can lead to a better night when dad is out of town...

This story came to our inboxes courtesy of a fan. Read on

I woke up covered in sweat.

My dad is out of town this weekend, and I’ve been having nightmares lately, so I was nervous thinking of who I would come to if I had a nightmare tonight. Usually I would wake up and crawl in bed with daddy, but I’m not sure how my brother would react if he woke up to me crawling in bed with him. We used to sleep together as kids, but now we’re in college. I could always count on daddy to cover my body with his big arms but maybe Henry’s big legs could wrap around mine and keep me warm and close enough.

My name’s Jake, and I’m very close with my family. I’m 5’9 and on the swim team so I have a pretty slim, smooth body. My cock isn’t as big as my brother’s or dad’s but when it’s hard it’s a good 7 inches. My brother Henry is not too much older than I am and we look pretty similar, both of us with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He keeps his hair shaggy while mine is a little more clean cut. He’s also on the soccer team so he’s pretty lean, but keeps the hair on his body so he’s scruffier. His legs are perfectly muscular with a tight round ass that’s seen many laps around the field.

His face is in a mix of shock and pleasure as he starts to rub his cock on the back of my head.

Henry and I were finishing some beer and pizza while watching a movie on the couch. I let my head rest on his lap as he finished his last slice. “Careful buddy, I’m a messy eater!” he says in a tipsy slur. I pretend I’m trying to catch his food with my mouth and he laughs, but then sticks his finger in my mouth. I’m caught by surprise and after a couple seconds I start to massage his fingers with the tip of my tongue. He stops laughing and gives me serious look as I start to suck his fingers up and down. My head is still on his lap, so I can feel his cock beginning to rise beneath his sweats. His face is in a mix of shock and pleasure as he starts to rub his cock on the back of my head. After a few moments of his rocking his cock up and down my skull he stops himself and says, “Alright Jake, I think we’ve had a little too much to drink. It’s about time we go to sleep.” He gets up from the couch and walks towards his room. I hear his door shut and start drifting off to sleep, figuring he’d be close in case I had a bad dream.

I woke up covered in sweat. I’d had another nightmare and needed someone to help me fall asleep. Remembering my dad was still out of town, I go to my brother. Still tipsy from the beers before I clumsily walk in his room and hear him snoring. I tiptoe towards his bed and quietly snuggle up next to him under the covers. I take his arm and lay it around my chest. I didn’t realize his snoring had stopped until he rubs my chest and whispers, “Hey buddy, what are you doing in my bed?” I tell him I need help falling asleep.

“I can help with that, we should probably finish what we started on the couch anyways,” he says, smiling and then kissing me softly. I kiss him back and massage his tongue with mine. He slips his hand down the front of my pajamas and feels my sweaty cock. I moan into is ear and bite it each time he rubs his hand over my cock. He starts to undress me and bites my neck, down to the nipples, and finally his tongue is at the base of my cock. He sniffs the sweat around my cock and licks it like he likes the taste. Licking up to the tip and taking my hard cock into his mouth.

He licks the head until I can’t take it anymore, and push his head on my throbbing cock. He chokes at first but I face fuck him until I almost blow my load. I take his mouth off my cock and tell him I want it inside me. “Are you sure you want your brother’s cock inside you?” he whispers as I guide his hard cock towards my hole. I nod yes as he uses my sweat as lube.

He moans as it slides in, and I push back into his cock to get it deeper. I ride on top of him and he bites on my nipples as he holds his hands around my ass. I can feel myself getting close and start to ride him faster. He yells that he’s about to cum and fucks me deeper until I cover his chest in my own warm cum. He fucks his cum deep inside me and grabs my mouth and slips his tongue around mine as he moans.

He kisses me again and we lay there with his cock still in my ass. He gently thrusts inside and out, using his cum mixed with my sweat as lube for his still throbbing cock. We start to drift off to sleep with his cock still inside me. I had forgotten all about nightmare by then.

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