Mail Sack: It’s a Fight to the Finish for Twunk Tony and His Brutal, Hung Opponent The Mauler

Chiseled muscle stud Tony loves it rough—but is he prepared for what The Mauler has in store for his tight young body?

Welcome to Mail Sack, where horny pervs share their hottest fantasies. This story comes from  Bud… 

Every Saturday night in a small, dimly lit smoke-filled gym on the other side of the tracks just outside Austin, a “Fight to the Finish” contest was held. Billed as a pro-style wrestling match that welcomed all comers, Tony knew from his own battered previous experience, just about anything was allowed…in fact it was encouraged. Closed fists, foot stomping, gut punching, pec abuse, nipple twisting, ball pounding, knee smashing, jaw crunching, nut grabbing and ass whipping were all more than welcome. Tony had gotten beat up badly the last the time he fought here. He could handle a severe beating…he was tough as nails. He was ready for another go at it.

Tony shoved his 8” slab of cock meat down into his tight black trunks. He looked at himself in the locker room mirror. The outline of his semi-hard cock created an obvious bulge. He always got hard just thinking of a fight…he liked it rough…always had.

At 5’11”, the handsome, 23-year-old stud was ripped. Abs of steel were in clear view. His pecs were hard and cut, his muscular legs solid and his round hard ass filled his trunks in a way that would make any man’s dick hard.

He grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. He was horny and fired up for the beating he was probably going to get in the ring with the Mauler, the 215-pound muscular beast he was about to battle.

Tony headed out of the locker room and down the ramp to the ring. The hundred or so guys on the wooden benches surrounding the ring began to hoot and holler when they saw handsome Tony jump over the ropes. These guys were horny and more than ready for a sadistic, bone-crushing fight.

The Mauler, already standing in the ring, was a beast. He was well over 6’ and more than 200 pounds of huge, solid muscle. He had a black beard and menacing eyes He already looked like he wanted to rip the kid apart limb from limb.

The Mauler wasted no time. As soon as Tony came toward him, he sucker-punched the boy in the gut. The air shot out of Tony’s lungs as he doubled over. He felt some pre-cum leak out of the tip of his semi-hard cock. Something about being worked over by a big muscleman got him off, especially when a hard fist slammed into his six-pack.

Tony was subjected to every nasty trick the Mauler could dish out. He slung the kid off the ropes and sent his hard fist into his abs. When the boy doubled over, the Mauler took his knee and butted it into the kid’s jaw, sending Tony back into the ropes.

The Mauler didn’t want to just hurt the boy, he wanted to destroy him. The beast slammed his fist into the kid’s balls, battering Tony’s now fully hard cock. The sight of this made the men watching holler for the beast to continue the brutality. Some of them began rubbing their own cocks, as the erotic stud-bashing increased in intensity.

The Mauler hoisted the muscle stud up in the air and body slammed him to the mat. Before Tony caught his breath, the beast stomped his gut with the heal of his black leather boot. Tony thought he was going to pass out from the pain, and yet his cock stayed hard as a rock.

The match lasted longer than Tony wanted it to, but not nearly long enough for the horny crowd of oversexed onlookers. They begged for more and more brutality.

Tony was savagely slung into the corner turnbuckle. The Mauler, sensing the finish was near, beat the crap out of the poor kid. He slammed his fist into the boy’s hard chest, his abs, and then his balls. Just as Tony doubled over in pain, the sadistic beast caught him with an uppercut to the jaw.

Tony felt his knees buckle…and then there was just blackness. He slumped down to the mat in a defeated pile of bruised and battered muscle. The guys in the gym went crazy.

The Mauler wasted no time. He reached down and yanked the boy to his feet, hoisted him in the air and threw him over his shoulder. The Mauler could feel the kids dick pressing against his body as he quickly carried him out of the ring and toward the locker room.

What Tony didn’t know was that the Mauler owned the gym. There was nobody here to stop him from doing whatever he wanted to to any of his victims. This fresh meat was his and now he was gonna fuck that tight hard ass. He had won…he had earned the right.

The Mauler laid the unconscious kid face down on the locker room bench and spread his legs over the edge. “Oh yeah, punk…that’s just the way I want you,” the Mauler said to himself. There was no response from Tony…he was still out cold.

The Mauler grabbed a pair of cuffs he kept in his locker for times like these. Pulling Tony’s hands under the bench so they met in the middle, he slapped the cuffs on him.

“Got you now, boy,” the Mauler said.

Tony still didn’t respond.

The Mauler got some leather straps from his locker. He tied the boy’s ankles to the legs of the bench, leaving Tony spread eagled and helplessly bound by hands and feet.

The Mauler looked down at his victim. He licked his lips. This kid’s ass looked hot in those black trunks. He could tell before he even shoved his dick in, this boy’s ass was going to be tight as a drum.

Unable to hold his throbbing, cum-oozing cock back another second,  he yanked the boy’s trunks down to his thighs, revealing the two orbs of muscle butt and that crack down the middle that was now the lust-hungry man’s primary target.

The boy’s ass glistened with sweat as the Mauler moved into position. He whipped his huge cock out of his trunks, spit a big wad of saliva into his palm, and rubbed it over the head of his dick. The spit mixed with the pre-cum flowing like a steady river out of the end of his shaft. Rubbing his dick while he looked at that young, ripped fighter spread-eagled and tied down on the bench, made him almost shoot his load. Damn did he need to cum.

He steered the tip of his dick between the boy’s ass cheeks and pressed forward. As his cockhead entered the kid’s tight hole, Tony began to moan…he was coming around.

“Hey…what the…” he moaned, as he felt the sledge-hammer dick plow into his tight, greased-up asshole.

“Shut the fuck up, punk…you lost, now I get my reward!”

Unable to control himself another minute, the Mauler shoved the extra thick and long, rock-hard cock all the way down into the boy’s tight, wet hole.

“Ahhhhhh…” Tony moaned as he felt the man’s cum-filled, hairy balls slam up against his ass. “Fuck, man, you’re too big,” Tony said.

“Shut up, fucker, and take it,” the Mauler commanded.

With that, he began to screw the boy into oblivion. Over and over he shoved his cock all the way down into the boy. He slammed his heavy balls into the backside of the helplessly tied up stud. He kept slamming again and again into the tight, sweat-soaked, cock-gripping hole.

  As much as it hurt, Tony couldn’t deny that even after the beating, being tied up and rendered helpless, and now on the receiving end of the most intense ass-pounding he’d ever gotten, his own cock refused to go down. In fact, his cum-leaking prick was harder than ever.

Each time the Mauler’s dick slammed into his hole some pre-cum oozed out of the tip of the slit of his cock. He had never cum just from being fucked before, but he had a feeling that was about to change. The intensity with which the Mauler was fucking him was unlike anything he had experienced ever, and the combination of pain and pleasure sent him over the edge.

The Mauler felt the kid’s asshole tighten around his dick, as it squeezed and massaged the sides of his pounding shaft with each thrust down into the bound stud.

“Oh yeah, you fucker…here it comes, boy…here it comes,” the beast yelled, as the cum exploded from his sweaty balls through his shaft and down into the boy’s ass. What felt like a river of cum filled the boy’s cavity to the brim, oozing out of his crack and dripping down his thighs and onto the bench.

Tony had no control over his dick…it had a mind of its own. As the cum blasted into his fuck hole from the Mauler’s big, throbbing cock, the tip of the man’s dick hit a pleasure button inside him that caused his own cock to shoot its cum. Tony shook like he was being electrocuted as the cum flew out of his cock as the earth-exploding orgasm wracked his young body.

The Mauler fell over on top of the boy’s back, crushing him down onto the cum-soaked bench. With his cock still oozing cum inside the muscle boy, he put his mouth up to Tony’s ear and growled…

“OK, punk, that’s round one. Now I’m gonna take you to my cottage in the woods and show you what a ‘Fight to the Finish’ is really all about!

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