Let Titan Men Give You ‘Full Access’ to Their Most Valuable Assets

Relive the hip-thrusting, ball-draining glory of François Sagat and Matthew Rush in this classic release.

How much size do you need? In Full Access, the men of Titan satisfy your storage needs: hard wood to protect your goods, stiff locks to secure your valuables, and massive muscle to manhandle your prized possessions.

Eight qualified professionals—Francois Sagat and Matthew Rush, Charly Diaz and David Dirdam, Luke Hass and Brandon Monroe,  and JR Matthews and CJ Madison—are packing for your pleasure with the best unit in town. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so lock in their services now—storage has never been this sexy.

Tony Bullock
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Tony Bullock is equal parts jock bottom, porn fan, and porn professional. In and out of the industry for the last 15 years, Tony is back for good after discovering the pervy minds at Carnal Media and their new titles, from Gaycest to Boy for Sale. He only uses Vaseline for lube.

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