Innocent Young Logan Fucked and Auctioned Off by Owner Legrand Wolf

Popular property Logan is brought back to the auction hall and fucked by Master Legrand to drive up the bidding.

Master Legrand can’t deny that he’s fond of Boy Logan. With his fresh, innocent face, smooth body, and beautiful ass, he is quite the prize for anyone’s stable. But even with his cool demeanor and firm hand, he knows it’s just a matter of time before he won’t be able to give up his precious possession.

Knowing that he needs good training and discipline, Master Legrand is eager to put him up for sale and showcase his great assets to the other buyers. He’s sure they’re leaping at the opportunity to own and break in such an adorable young slave, wanting nothing more than to feel his tight hole clench down on their throbbing cocks.

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Logan is nervous, but he knows his duty is still to obey and serve his master, even if it means it will place him in the hands of another. Devoted to the powerful man’s presence and cock, he does what he’s told, showing what the older man has taught him as the competing bids fly in.

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