How Much Do You Think the Rent Is on the Slam Pad?

Do you think all the guys living there have dinner together? Or do you think they all lead pretty separate lives until it's time to fuck?

I think about the Slam Pad a lot.

How much is the rent? Do the guys own it outright? Do you think this is a situation where one of the guys inherited a house during college and then just converted it into a smoke-filled fuckpad, where no one ever has to grow up?

And do the guys have jobs? What do you think they do for money to pay the bills while the slam pigs stay cloudy and full of cum?

These are all just background questions that pop into my mind at random times, of course. What can I say? I love to hear people’s stories! So what do you think the story is with Justin, getting his ass used in the latest release? Comment below.

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