What Happens When Chase Makes a House Call on Dr. Wolf

In Chapter 3 of Fun Size Boys: Chase and Dr. Wolf, Chase shares exactly what it's like for him to take the tall doctor's cock.

No one makes me feel quite like Dr. Wolf does! My tall, handsome doctor has the most gentle touch—not to mention the most passionate kisses. I love looking into his eyes, seeing how horny he gets looking at how small I am compared to him. And when Dr. Wolf finally hold me close, I feel like I’m in the arms of a sexy giant, powerful and strong but careful not to break his prized possession.

After this many visits, my body opens and takes Dr. Wolf easily. I know that I can give myself to him completely, and I’ll be rewarded for it…



Every time Dr. Wolf pulls out his cock, I’m surprised at how big it is. Even after having sucked and fucked it so much, it still seems massive to me! Too big for my tiny body. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to worship every inch and vein before Dr. Wolf takes what he needs most.

Dr. Wolf stretched his long arms to play with my hole, fingering me gently while I lap at the tip of his cock. He loves seeing me work his shaft, but I know what he really wants is to feel his big head at my hole.

So I turn around, heart racing, excited and nervous for my deep fuck. I focus on my breathing and relaxation, like Dr. Wolf taught me, readying myself for the first push.

Dr. Wolf brings his wet cock to my hole, teasing me. He pushes forward ever so slightly, letting me feel it kiss him, just barely applying pressure. I know he’s waiting for me to beg for more, but I’m too horny to form words so I just nod desperately.

That’s all Dr. Wolf needed, and he pushes his cock into my tight hole an inch at a time! I gasped, feeling more of it sink into me, amazed all over again by how good it felt. I still can’t believe how big it feels inside my petite little body, making every time feel as exciting and raw as the first time!



I braced himself on the bed as the monster cock made its way inside me completely, practically pushing up against my stomach—and putting a big smile on my face…

STORY: Chase & Dr. Wolf
CHAPTER 3: Doctors House


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