Felix Fox Tops Avery Jones in New Cocky Boys Release

Though truthfully, Avery is in charge here, taking that raw cock exactly the way he wants to from the muscle stud.

Felix Fox is here to switch it up by topping Avery Jones! Felix summons up a little of his inner dom, but really Avery is pretty much in charge. His hands lightly caress Felix’s ripped bod and get him hard and soon Avery’s lips go from Felix’s mouth down to his exposed hardon.

Avery sucks and deep throats Felix, whose approval spurs Avery to go all in. He strokes and sucks Felix’s cock and big balls and puts him into a state of writhing, back-arching breathless pleasure. Soon, when Avery turns around and plays with his hole, prompting Felix to bury his tongue in it.

Avery takes the lead and sits on Felix’s cock and rides it. Felix thrusts up into Avery and gets close to orgasm, but Avery shifts position and rides Felix sideways. Felix follows his lead by fucking him deep from the side, holding Avery by the throat. As they get close to going over the edge, Felix flips Avery to pound him from behind.

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