Enjoy The Gay Goods? Come Write for Us!

Whether you're an erotica writer or you just have something to get off your chest about life today, The Gay Goods is always looking for engaging, smart, level-headed contributors!

Hey Gay Goods reader! We know you have great taste (you’re reading this, after all) and we want your taste to be part of The Gay Goods.

Are you a perv porn fan with a wild imagination? We’re looking to publish erotica—and just know that since a lot of the adult industry read us, there’s a good chance you could see your story become a new release!

Are you someone who loves getting into online brawls about identity politics, Oscar snubs, and the state of the LGBTQ+ community? We’re open to any and all takes—as long as you state your case with a little bit of wit and a whole lot of panache.

Do you always have your finger on the pulse of pop culture? If you know who the next big thing is going to be before any of your friends, that’s the kind of foresight that any gay editorial site needs—especially as the other ones keep covering the same tired properties. (We love RuPaul, but how many Drag Race stories can one gay read?)

If you answered yes to any of those questions, email editor@thegaygoods.com to learn more about our paid freelancing opportunities. And don’t worry—we’ll always welcome a good pseudonym!

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