Does Muscle Bottom Scott Hunter Have a Perfect Ass or the Most Perfect Ass?

Honestly, it's amazing that bald daddy Jake Lewis holds off from cumming as long as he does with that incredible butt wrapped around him.

Beefy hung muscle daddy Jake Lewis and big muscle power bottom Scott Hunter can’t keep their hands off one another. Frankly, given their impressive physiques, I don’t know if I’d even get around to having sex with either guy before I came. I love big muscles and red corpuscles!


Jake and Scott show more restraint, slowly stripping down and admiring one another before Scott finally  Jake’s meaty, uncut dick out the side of his shorts. He drops to his knees to suck Jake, really taking his time until he swallows Jake down to the balls. Jake fucks his mouth, his dick now grown to its full eight inches.

Finally Jake turns him round, yanking his shorts past his perfect ass and prolonging its delights to suck Scott’s dick. After a bit, Scott gets on all fours and Jake teases and relaxes his tight hole before Scott moans as he slips his thick dick into his ass. Jake builds up speed, fucking harder and harder till they can’t take anymore. With both guys ready to shoot their loads, Scott lays on his back and jerks off while Jake fucks his mouth, pushing his dick all the way down Scott’s throat, slowly pulling out, hot and wet, then jerks off hard and fast. Scott opens his mouth and Jake shoots his thick white spunk all over his tongue and into his mouth, as Scott shoots his own big heavy load all over his sweaty bulging abs.

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