Daddy Riley May Be the Verbal Dom Top You’ve Been Craving

The fan platform star talks about growing into his daddydom, losing his Instagram account at 30k followers, and coming out later in life.

Daddy Riley has always exuded BDE—Big Daddy Energy.

Even when he was closeted in his 20s, his friends would call him Daddy. So when he finally grew into the sexy zdaddy he is, it felt like a natural progression. So does his newfound career in fan platform creation with his boyfriend Brogan. Initially collaborating with other performers, Riley pretty quickly realized that he wanted a lot more from this side gig, and he’s spent the last few months building a fandom to the extent that he’s now recognized on the street.

He joins The Gay Goodies to talk about making that leap, along with the moment when he finally realized that he needed to be his most authentic self and why he’s in no rush to work with studios.

Watch the full interview below, and let us know who you want to see interviewed next!

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  1. LOVE Daddy Riley!!! thank you for interviewing him. He really taps into the sexual psyche of the sub gay man’s brain (speaking from experience). He’s exploding in popularity and it’s not a mystery why.

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