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The Gay Goods… Politics. Culture. Freedom. Dick.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 80 and like men between the ages of 80 and 18, you’ll love The Gay Goods. If you want to keep gay sex as a dirty secret to gain entry into the mainstream—we have very little to offer you. For those who like their porn taken seriously, their politics taken skeptically, and their culture taken with a twist, The Gay Goods will become a very special favorite.

We’re your guide to life in the modern world and a safe space for dissenting opinions, open and frank discussions, and politics and culture through a gay lens. For those ready to fight cancel culture, for those frustrated that you have to whisper opinions, for those who don’t want to stop reading Harry Potter because of J.K. Rowling—we’re here for you. We all deserve a place to debate. Counterpoint is where we can talk frankly about the modern world, where op-eds from unpopular opinions and contrarians can be published. Where we can call onto the carpet the bad behavior of other publications that purport to serve the gay community but instead keep up a steady drumbeat of sex negativity. Where we walk the walk, without virtue signaling. And where we teach social justice warriors about nuance. If a man in a dress is anti-trans, does that mean so is Mrs. Doubtfire? Counterpoint wants to hear all dissenting opinions, big or small, right or wrong. Once we end communication, we end democracy. And guess who isn’t fighting amongst themselves? Homophobic Republicans.

But like Uncle Sam—or was it your Uncle Bobby?—we want you! You’re the missing part of this conversation, and we want to hear your voice! We won’t be for everyone, but then not everyone is for us. Whether you agree with us or don’t, we value your contribution. Email us at [email protected]

We’ve got the gay, we’ve got the goods, and god knows we’ve got the guys—now we need you! 

The Gay Goods: Kinks welcome.