5 Things to Love About New GDude Release

The sexual connection between Don and Morgen as they raw fuck doesn't even make it into the top 5!

I’m a big fan of the GDude videos. I find the guys charming in their commitment to the bit—even if they themselves seem more eager than accomplished in the dialogue scenes. But Vocal Lesson 101 offers a few compelling reasons to subscribe. Here are my top 5:

  1. The bodies. Don and Morgen have the kind of smooth, well-muscled, slender bodies that twinks dream of—and daddies dream of fucking.
  2. The tanlines. Holy fuck, Don’s tanline around his ass perfectly accentuates what a deep peach it is—especially as he takes fellow vocal student Morgen’s cock while their instructor is trying to calm down after they disappoint him. (It’s kind of a long story.)
  3. The asses. Don obviously has a stellar butt, but seeing the perfect bounce to Morgen’s as he fucks his horny buddy? Boner-thrilling.
  4. The skin. Jesus, these guys must moisturize every day. Multiple times a day? Do they use each other’s cum? Because this is flawless skin, the kind you want to lick. And touch. And bite.
  5. The acting. I have to admit, the awkwardness of the trio when it comes to enacting “Two friends come over for singing lessons and frustrate their teacher by saying he sounds like their boring grandpa” detracts not an inch from the hotness of the scene. Instead, against all odds, it works in their favor, making them endearing horndogs who seem game for anything.

Don’t take my word for it: Check out the trailer below for a taste, and then subscribe because these guys are worth it.


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