5 Things That Cost More a Month Than Next Door Studios’ New Subscription Offer

What do you need more: New briefs from Underwear Expert that you won't even wear during quarantine or hung studs getting off from Next Door?

Just in time for Halloween, Next Door Studios has announced an annual membership offer . To put that into perspective, we’re listing five routine services you probably don’t think twice about that are more expensive than getting off to hot guys.

  1. A commercial-free Hulu subscription: Guess what? Porn doesn’t have commercials either.
  2. Apple Music: The only sounds you need to hear are moans and grunts.
  3. One Blue Apron signature serving: This will definitely feed you more effectively.
  4. A Headspace meditation account: Who needs a mantra when you can achieve orgasm?
  5. Underwear Expert: Stop putting on underwear and watch hot guys in (and out) of theirs.

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