Alam Might Be Broke in NYC, But He Has Ways of Repaying Austin Wolf for His Kindness

One of the best ways of saying thank you to a benefactor is also one of the oldest: go face down and ass up.


As Gloria Grahame says in classic film noir The Big Heat: “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Believe me, rich is better.”

By the fourth installment of Raging Stallion’s Rags to Riches, Alam Wernik is learning that lesson for himself, alone in New York City. But, just like Grahame’s gun moll, Alam has one undeniable asset. Well, maybe two undeniable assets. And luckily for him, kindly Austin Wolf is a connoisseur of both.

So when Alam shows up at Austin’s Upper West Side apartment and spends the night, Austin is more than happy to take room and board out in trade—and then take Alam out to brunch on Fifth Avenue. Weird choice, since Austin’s apartment is on the Upper West Side, but older men love to show off their wealth and connections to bubble-butted youths. And I’ve got the memories to prove it.

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